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    Pi Day: French Silk Pie with Coffee Cream

    In most of America Pi Day has been over but here in the Bay I just wrapped up my Pi Day celebration, with my favourite sweet pie: French Silk Pie

    I admit, and you can tell from this blog's absence of such, I'm not a huge fan of sweet pies in pie pans. That's not to say I don't like pie.  You'll get long-standing loyalty from me if you buy me a slice or more of the Heartstopper(intimidating but it's only garlic, spinach, bacon, and Gorgonzola)   from Temescal Lanesplitter, with a Kriek Lambic on the side. One of my favourite dish to make with my cousins aged 5-20 is homemade pizza, including some tasty dessert pizzas with fresh summer fruit. (I went through a pizza phase in college, I consumed about 60% homemade pizza pretty high for a college student)  Quiche and breakfast pies are one my go-to recipes during large familial gatherings.  I've had pie for dinner at least twice this year in the form of Tomato Tart with cornmeal crust.   But when it comes to apple, lemon meringue, even my dear Dad aka "46" who loves my rendition of coconut cream pie, it's rare I crave a sweet pie.

    But on those rare occasions that I do, I must admit that it's French Silk Pie that I crave.  I first made this while assisting the pastry chef at my gig in a Macon country club.  Course I've added a few things from the original recipe though I admit this pie is not safe for the veries, y'know very young, very old, very sick, and very pregnant. 


    Because this recipe has raw eggs

    Yes I know. One day (knowing me if I should ever be very pregnant and have a craving) I'll set to composing a cooked egg recipe. But I buy pasteurized eggs from a grocery store, and I have yet to get sick or have anyone I ever served this pie have issue (serving to ages 5-60ish).  I admit as much as I love free range eggs,  I'd saved those and opt for grocery eggs for this pie.

    Now that we've got that out the way.

    This year I decided to try something else new. I usually use plain sweetened whipped cream.  This time I added cocoa powder, espresso and a touch of vanilla paste.  Silky smooth chocolate, coffee flavour whipped cream, all on a heavenly Pie crust.  After hanging out with buddy, grabbing some Japanese at Ginza, I came back to Shangri-La (my home ^_~) to serve up pie to him, my housemate and partner.

    French Silk Pie with Coffee Cream Topping

    1 cooked deep dish pie crust (I used this recipe)


    • 3/4 cup  Butter room temperature
    • 1 cup Sugar
    • 3 large Egg
    • 2-3 ounces semi sweet chocolate (if more than 60% cacao use 2oz)  melted with 1 tbsp Kahlua (or coffee) 
    • tablespoon Cocoa powder
    • 1 tsp vanilla bean paste
    • 1 cooked pie crust

    1. let butter soften to room temperature
    2.  melt chocolate, set aside
    3. whip butter until smooth
    4.  add sugar, one quarter at a time. allow ample time so mixture is smooth not gritty
    5. d chocolate scrap sides
    6.  add vanilla
    7.  beat in eggs, one at a time. Be sure that each egg is fully incorporated before adding another egg. Filling will be light brown and quite fluffy.
    8.  Pour filling into pie crust. Wrap with clear plastic wrap and let chil at least 4 hours


    • 1.5 cup heavy whipped cream
    • 2-3 tbsp powdered sugar sifted
    • 2 tbsp espresso powder
    • .5 tbsp cocoa powder
    • .5 tsp vanilla bean paste
    • Cocoa powder, Chocolate Shavings, chips etc for topping.
    Nota bene (Note well) For best results use chilled beaters, bowl, and very cold cream please. 
    1. Beat in  espresso, cocoa, into cream till slightly thickened.
    2. Add sugar to taste beat till soft peaks
    3. add vanilla bean paste and beat till slightly stiff peaks
    4. Using a piping bag pipe onto pie (I used a 21 tip) 
    5. Garnish as desired I used Cocoa Powder
    P.S if you don't have a piping bag or tip, you can pour into a ziploc bag, cut the tip and top that way. 
    P.P.S I must admit I have just spread the plain whipped cream and created a swirl effect. Leads to a more diner style pie, topped with chocolate chips

    Happy Pi Day and good nite,


    Charlotte Rousseau said...

    That looks delicous, we must make a trip to Bay. I see lots of great site-seeing and dessert eating in our near future.

    You have a recipe for Coconut Cream Pie? Ma chère cousine, recipe s'il vous plait?


    Jasmine Dk Shepard said...

    It was good, yes come on over! I'll show you the time of your life!

    Yep, I'll post it this week ^_^


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