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    FE exam: most intimidating exam evar!

    <<There it is, a 4lb book, a 200 page "formula sheet", and a scientific calculator. All the materials necessary for preparing for the FE exam.

    On Saturday I spent the day in a very large cold room in San Mateo taking. The Fundamentals of Engineering(FE) exam is the test I'm studying for to get my Mechanical Engineer in Training certification.

    As so many people have told me, it was the length that really got to me. Well that and waking up at 3am to take 2 buses down to San Mateo.  It requires alot of brainpower though admittedly the practice problems were way harder than most of the test. Some of the questions were just references to formulae and so the whole answer was in the 200pg reference guide. You're not allowed to bring pencils, or take off your wristwatch and put it on the table it has to stay on your wrist or on the floor. You can eat and drink during the exam but they prefer you to drink away from the table whereas if you have something snackable (chips, grapes, small candy, etc.) you can pop that in your mouth and keep it moving. There's a hour lunch break.   The afternoon exam was pretty tricky too but honestly I got to a point where I just wanted to fall asleep. lol.

    I entered the building for the test at about 7:15am and left around 6pm. Head, shoulders, back hurting, brain in a constant state of derivation .

    Admittedly I'm not a great test taker, well I do okay but I get so nervous. So when I finished my body and soul were done and done.  I'm not quite sure how I made it back to Oakland, only that I did and proceeded to sleep for over 12 hours. I'll find out my results in about 2 months, if I passed hoo-rah. If not I'll get ramped up to take in Sacramento in October with the knowledge of yea, that exam isn't half as hard as it appears to be, but it is difficult and requires strategy.

    I truly appreciate everyone for their faith in me and for their patience as much of my life I've neglected preparing for this exam.

    So I took the April 2013 EIT exam and what do I have to show for it?
    this  pencil. lol



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