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    Lessons of Lavender

    I'm in the midst of test baking some new creations for Engineered Cupcake with some new flavour combinations and ideas.  It's funny, I was really worried I'd have trouble coming up with new ideas when I started this business. However my mind has been springing with tons of new ideas, so many my Trello can barely deal.

    Whenever I think of Asheville (one of my truly favourite places on this planet), I think of lavender. It's a calming, clean, natural scent and it's everywhere "up in them there hills" so much they had a Lavender festival.  for several years. With lavender I'm learning less truly is more.

    This week I've made two batches of lavender brownies 1 vegan and 1 gluten free. This asheville lavender lingers, it's quite potent.  I used lavender sugar and lavender compound butter and overall it came out a bit too sweet and strong. The gluten free was far better than the vegan, must've been all that butter. lol.

    You can't tell but these infused with scent of lavender
    Still, as one who likes lavender (if you like gin,lemongrass, spring mix salads, and citrus in your chocolate you're probably in that category) I liked these brownies and they're going fast.

    I'm looking forward to a test batch of a white cake with this lavender butter for a special recipe I'm making for a baby shower in June. With a lavender blueberry buttercream. That will have to wait however because I'm all booked up for the week with about 8 dozen regular sized and mini cupcakes to make between now and Saturday. And planning menus for the BAHM and Oakland Indie Awards



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