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    Suicide Prevention, let's talk about it

    HIV/Aids, Teen Pregnancy, Drug addiction, alcoholism, these are things that it was once taboo to talk about in public. If you or a loved one took part in, you were meant to keep hush about it. But over the years we've learned that talking about helps the people dealing with these issues in managing and just not feeling alone or ashamed. And it helps bring awareness so others can avoid it.

    Suicide, however is not yet on that list. It's thought of as a terribly selfish thing to do. By the attention seeking.  Through coarser veins it's thought of humourous or glamourous. Either way these views trivialize suicide.
    Suicide is not an action it is a reaction. A reaction based on the effects of mental health whether it be chronic or situational.

    Suicide Prevention is cause that is near and dear to my heart. Unfortunately I've had a few people in my life die from suicide and countless others' attempts. Recently a famous friend, Lee Thompson Young, was found dead in his apartment. I was shocked. Lee was from my part of the
    country, Columbia, SC, and I first met him when I was 10. We talked about my school and I thought he was so cute. (I mean seriously, have you seen him, he's was such a cute boy and turned out to be a handsome man)  Over the years I saw a few more times, most recently 4 years ago when I first moved to Oakland. He remembered from so long ago. We talked about Southern food in California. If you're of my generation you may remember him in "The famous Jett Jackson" on the Disney Channel. More
    recently he was on TNT's Rizzoli and Isles.

    This week is National Suicide Prevention Week, the theme is "Stamp out Stigma.  Talking about it out in the open is the only way that's going to happen. I have a few posts about the subject this week. This isn't about doom and gloom it's about being informed and staying mentally as well as physically healthy.

     I hope that you'll take the time to learn more about how we can prevent one of the top 10 leading causes of death in America.



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    I'm a 20-something Southern girl living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been working in the wild and wacky world of non-profit green construction in one way or the other for over 3 years. I'm also the owner of Oakland's own Engineered Cupcake.