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    Whipped Irish Cream Frosting

    This weekend I went to a friends' house warming party. Glad he finally found himself a place in the city. Of course I had to bake something.
    I was staring at the Engineered Cupcake menu thinking what to bring, when I realized I can bake whatever I want. Honestly Whipped Cream Frosting is my favourite type of icing in the world. Unfortunately due to the current California Cottage Food Laws I cannot sell whipped cream frosting as it requires refrigeration.  Ever since my gastric bypass surgery, sugar just hasn't been the same. The 15 y.o kid who loved iced pop-tarts, honey buns, and pure lard icing; the 16 y.o Jasmine would have slapped that girl. The 20-something Jasmine would prolly punch her in the stomach. As big of a sweet tooth I have I don't like sickeningly sweet things; as a lady I think that fluffy, creamy, goodness is like heaven on earth.

    Since I was making  a rather rich cake I decided this light fluffy icing would do the trick. I love this frosting because I don't have to sift powdered sugar...no matter how careful I am it gets everywhere, lucky it's easy to clean.
    This cake is my version of Lighter than air flour-less cake(Epicurious). Which fyi is light the first day...but becomes quite fudgy and dense after the 2nd day. lol. But the cake and frosting held up refrigerated for 3 days, keep the cupcakes (mini and regular) in a plastic sealed container and frosting in pyrex with cover, I just iced them as they were required. About 18 for the house warming, 2 for the housemate, 2 for a friend, the rest were eaten by co-workers.

    Fluffy Irish Cream Icing

    8 oz Cappucino Chips
    4 tbsp Irish Cream (Bailey's in this house)
    1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
    1 cup of butter softened


    1.  Melt Cappucino Chips with Irish cream in double boiler till melted and blended evenly. Set aside to cool
    2.  In a large bowl: with a hand or stand mixer, beat butter till fluffy
    3. Beat Heavy whipping cream to stiff peaks
    4.  Fold in Melted Cappucinno Chips into butter
    5.  Fold cappucinno butter mixture gently, so it stays nice and fluffy
    6. Put into pastry bag or container till ready to ice cupcakes

    Depending on the temperture of your kitchen, you may can ice your cupcakes immedieately. My kitchen is like myself: hot and small (in height anyway :-P) so I had to pop it in the ice box for a bit. I used a pastry tip  #864 by Ateco for a nice simple finish. 



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