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    Family Weightloss challenge

    Remember what I said last week? About resolving to lose weight...

    My maternal side of the family is in a "winner takes all" weight-loss (by BMI) challenge. What does the winner take besides "off pounds?" They get all the cabbage, greenbacks, dead presidents, y'know CASH.  lol. Now that's motivation. 

    Yours truly is the moderator for the challenge. So I set up the thread and am keeping track of everyone's BMI's on a spreadsheet. Also just keeping the family motivated via e-mail and for those on Facebook with some light-hearted teasing. (i.e Just got back from the Y. Maybe I'll buy some new sneakers with that money I'm gonna take from *tag family members)  

    The challenge last for 7 weeks and I have a basic strategy:

    1. Eat mostly vegan.   I knew this would be part of my plan. Then I realized Lent starts in the middle of the challenge, then I need to fast. Can I make 1/4 of the year not eating any animal products? Not likely.  Plus I have some dairy, honey in my kitchen that needs to be used. I've thrown in a few break days: Superbowl Sunday and Cheesefare week. 
    2. Keep up the 5 a day - That's right, keeping up the 5 cups of fruits and vegetable as a minimum. I finally caved and bought a juicer...Let's see how long I keep it before appliance overload gets the best of me and it ends up at a friends housewarming. 
    3. Exercise 4 days a week - This will be the hardest part. So many days after work, I'm just plain tired or I have a very full social calendar. Which sounds awesome (it is) but time-consuming.  Though I realized by drinking less alcohol during the week, I could fit in a quick gym session after some socializing.

    I'll be keeping you posted.
    Wish me luck!



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