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    An exciting announcement

    Prologue:  about a month ago I posted "I have an exciting announcement to tell you later today!" on a social media account of mine.  I then got tons of messages asking if I was either getting married, having a baby and/or moving home. Oh to be a southern late 20-something.

    Well my friends as I mentioned last week, allot has happened in the past couple of weeks. The biggest change is that I am finally in the fun and exciting world of energy engineering!

    Say what? Weren't you just exclaiming about a year at CESC and how we should donate to CESC. Yes, that's true...and you should still donate to them because what CESC does is amazing and I wouldn't be where I am today without all that learned and was able to do at CESC.

    Right before the holidays a friend of mine forwarded a job posting to me.  I semi looked over it and ignored it, lol. I like CESC and I was really finding my stride in LED case lighting, refrigeration projects, and Title 24 (The state green building code, new version goes into effect July 1, 2014). Then she texted me "Did you check out the posting?".  YAs a more technically minded person, writing is hard for me. It's one of the reason I started this blog to improve my non-technical writing.  To appease my friend I took a look and line by line I couldn't believe what I was reading...

     Association for Energy Affordability (AEA) is a rapidly growing nonprofit energy services and training organization which is dedicated to achieving energy efficiency in buildings in order to foster and maintain affordable and healthy housing and communities... AEA West is seeking a Junior Energy Analyst/Energy Engineer to join our tight- knit, talented team of “Energy Geeks.” The candidate must be starving to learn, but ready to contribute. If you are passionate about energy conservation and renewable energy, you love buildings, and you’re seeking to learn from an experienced organization in a hands-on environment, this is the place for you. (!!! this totally sounds like the place for me)
     Okay so an engineering position at a non-profit...I didn't even know that existed? So what else are looking for?
     He or she is expected to be a self-starter, an independent problem solver, and a strong team-player.   Oh you mean like a certain cupcake business owning, volunteer training, engineer who up and left her home to move nearly 3000 miles away alone? 

    Responsibilities: The Junior Energy Analyst may be responsible for:

    • Conducting energy audits and in-field energy assessments, on-site diagnostics, field data collection and analysis
    • Performing energy modeling and building simulations
    • Preparing energy and green building assessment reports based on analytic findings which include detailed equipment specifications and cost savings analysis
    • Energy efficiency program implementation
    Wow, sounds similar to what I do now...up a knotch or so. energy modeling!? OH-YEA!

    I got to the bottom to see what impossible to meet qualifications they wanted and the good times kept rolling

    Minimum Qualifications:

    •  Bachelor’s Degree in engineering, architecture, environmental science, construction management or other sustainability related focus, with a demonstrated interest in energy conservation and building science preferred
    • Knowledge of building systems including lighting technologies, building envelope, mechanical systems and combustion science
     Additional Qualifications Desired:
    •  Basic knowledge and understanding of Title 24 and other building codes
    •  Familiarity with local, state and federal incentive and rebate programs
    •  Sound technical writing skills and experience
    •  Building Performance Institute (BPI) certification preferred.
    •  Experience with the use of energy modeling software a plus, i.e., EnergyPro, TREAT, eQUEST, DOE2 programs.
    • ~ Minorities and women are encouraged to apply ~

    Minorities and women, I'm both of those! It was like reading my resume, I suddenly felt so inspired and churned out an cover letter and resume.  Everyone I told about the job said "A non-profit green engineering job...It's perfect for you"

    The hardest part was leaving CESC, that and trying to interview for a job when you have one.  I wouldn't have so qualified if not for CESC, ironically AEA does the multifamily version of CESC does in Marin County so I'll still be working for the same energy watch programs.

    So far the new job has been intense. That engineer struggle ^_^ I've ready 2 books, taken 4 tests for 2 certifications and travelled down to Orange County (Southern California).  It's definitely a challenging position but I've learned so much already. Everyone is so nice and willing to answer my tons of questions. And my position counts as a junior engineering position for the California board of engineers and surveyors!

    ...I can't believe it. I finally have done it. The dream is real!  I'm an engineer.

    Epilogue: one of the ladies from the church I went to in college congratulated me by saying this job should make me better wife material. Oh being Southern can be such a treat sometims.



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